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Creator of the ACE Method™ for the integration of structure and balanced function, and founder of ACE Health & Wellbeing™ for online further education. 


As an owner of three Pilates & Yoga studios over the years, Anne's last bricks-and-mortar studio was Mosman Pilates, in Myahgah Mews Mosman, NSW.

Now living in Adelaide, South Australia, Anne continues to run her Mosman Pilates business, totally online, teaching the ACE Method™ far and wide.


Her clients include those living on Sydney's Northshore & Northern Beaches, as well as those living in New Zealand, France, Germany, the US, and the UK.


Anne C. Evans

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As a Pilates & Yoga Studio owner/director since 2003, Anne brings to you a rich body of work, culminating in her Master of Health Science by Research:


'The Integration of Structure & Balanced Function: 

How does Pilates Return the Human Body to Wholeness?'

Providing cutting-edge insight into the human condition with innovative, complementary methodologies and approaches to the resolution of pain, the ACE Method is literally life-changing.


Anne believes everyone should know how to breathe correctly, how to release and re-program nervous system (NS) dysfunction to experience genuine health.

With a long-standing commitment and love of teaching, Anne holds a Bachelor of Ed. (Health), Master of Health Science, Dip Yoga, Dip Stein. Ed., Cert. IV in Training & Assessment, Advanced Spine (Polestar), Rehabilitation (Polestar).

As a Pilates Teacher Trainer, Anne has written and delivered accredited Pilates Teacher Training coursework; certifying Pilates Instructors in Pilates Matwork & Studio Reformer since 2006. 








For wellness tips, tune in to Anne's podcast Health & Wellbeing series, The Seedpod.

Available in Apple Podcasts, Android, Spotify & Stitcher












For children, Anne's original stories & songs can be found at                                                                                  















For further education, go to ACE Health & Wellbeing at, where Anne delivers her online signature course, Breathing Meditation Essentials (BME).

Currently open to new enrolments, BME is the #1 online meditation course. 

With BME, engage with video, audio, slide decks, and a comprehensive e-book.


Learn through video tutorials and artistic activities; establish a supported self-practice with immediate positive flow-on effects; learn self-care for genuine health and wellness; integrate left/right brain; connect with and express your Authentic Self. Complete the course in as little as 6-weeks, or take your time over the course of the year, going back to each module to hone your skills.


If you've ever wanted to learn to breathe correctly, practice mindfulness and meditation, and really get to the source of your underlying issues/restrictions and resolve them, then BME is for you! 


Ready to live your best life?

Then follow these two easy steps:

  1. Text, call, or email Anne for 'live' session times and book your spot

  2. Sign up at  for lifetime access to Breathing Meditation Essentials 

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