Mosman Pilates is a research-based, online Pilates studio based in Australia.       

Providing live, unique, private one-on-one and duet sessions via Zoom.


Learn to self-check and self-regulate your own body, with Anne Evans facilitating a genuine return to health; not fleeting wellness but the identification and resolve of underlying causes that feed and exacerbate ongoing restrictions and pathologies.

In 2021, allow yourself to be empowered, motivated and supported 24/7.


Through many years of teaching and research writing, Anne brings you the very crux of her research thesis,          'The Integration of Structure and Balanced Function'

discovering and revealing the geometric measures of physical proportion; creating physical alignment and strength, mental calm and self-confidence, emotional balance and stability.


“Through the ACE Method™

of Health & Wellbeing, the universe is discovered within the human being

as Proportion; balanced Proportion = Spirit made visible". 

                                                                                                   ~  Anne C. Evans

Mosman Pilates™ is dedicated to a renaissance of the ancient Art of Health and Wellness, the rediscovery and evolution of timeless strategies for health, with new innovations; going above and beyond passing fads.         


Anne provides you with a tried and true skillset for Health & Wellbeing, one that is constantly evolving to help you identify and achieve your own unique physical, mental & emotional needs. 


Through Mosman Pilates™ and  ACE Health & Wellbeing™ you can discover and re-connect with your Authentic Self, begin to reclaim your true power here and now, and return to 'Health' wherever you may be on planet Earth. 





Anne Evans

Online Course Provider & Consultant 

Anne holds a Master of Health Science by Research, thesis title - 'The Integration of Structure & Balanced Function:

How does Pilates Return the Human Body to Wholeness?' Anne provides cutting edge insight into the human condition, providing innovative, complimentary methodologies and approaches to the resolution of pain.

Introducing the ACE Method™ a Pilates Therapeutic Model (PTM) that balances all body systems & facilitates a complete return to health;  maintaining physical, mental & emotional wellbeing; enhancing all forms of human movement.

Anne also holds a Bachelor of Ed. (Health), Exercise Sport Science,  Dip Yoga, Dip Stein. Ed., Cert. IV in Training & Assessment,  Advanced Spine (Polestar), Rehabilitation (Polestar).

A Pilates Teacher Trainer, Anne has also written & delivered accredited Pilates Teacher Training coursework; certifying Pilates Instructors of the highest calibre in Pilates Matwork & Studio Reformer since 2006.

Anne enjoys writing and hosting her own Podcast Health & Wellbeing series, The Seedpod.

Available in Apple Podcasts, Android, Spotify & Stitcher.                                                         


Anne is the founder of ACE Health & Wellbeing at where she writes and delivers her own online coursework and training. Her flagship course Breathing Meditation Essentials is currently open to new enrolments and is tipped to be the #1 Online Meditation course in 2021.

Engage with video, audio, slide decks and a comprehensive e-book. Learn through video tutorials and artistic activities to really fast-track your health and wellness; integrating left/right brain and balancing all body systems.                                                               

If you have ever wanted to learn to breathe correctly, practice Mindfulness and Meditation, and really get to the source of your underlying issues and resolve them, then this course is for you!     


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