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"Mosman Pilates is a research-based Pilates studio in Mosman, Sydney Australia.

A calm supportive space to destress, and get in touch with your real needs;

re-educating the entire organism to wholeness.

Assessing & re-aligning posture; re-charging, re-balancing Body, Mind & Spirit.

Tone, Shape and Elongate, Stretch, Breathe & Recreate your whole body anew.


“Through the Pilates Method of body conditioning this unique trinity of a

         balanced Body, Mind & Spirit can ever be attained. Self confidence follows."


                                    ~  Joseph H. Pilates

All teaching programs and practices are informed by the insights of on-site research into structure and function; the uniqueness of genuine case studies; the science of brain plasticity & breath; how the human organism learns and develops Co-ordination, Balance, Strength and Control.

Mosman Pilates™ is dedicated to maintaining and evolving timeless strategies that surpass the tactics of passing fads; providing you with a tried and true skillset for Health & Wellbeing, helping  you identify and achieve your fitness goals; creating an Authentic, Individual, Educational  experience of the Art and Science of Pilates."

                                                                                                                  Anne C Evans 

                                                                                                                  Mosman Pilates Director




Anne Evans

Studio Director & Principal Instructor 



As a rehabilitation specialist, Anne is Mosman Pilates studio director, head of education and principal studio instructor, having studied and taught both nationally & internationally.

Holding a Master of Health Science by Research, thesis title - 'The Integration of Structure & Balanced Function:

How does Pilates Return the Human Body to Wholeness?' Anne provides cutting edge insight into the human condition, providing innovative, complimentary methodologies and approaches to the resolution of pain.


Introducing the Pilates Therapeutic Model (PTM) to balance all body systems & facilitate a complete return to health;  maintaining physical, mental & emotional wellbeing; enhancing athletic performance.

Anne also holds a Bachelor of Ed. (Health), Exercise Sport Science,  Dip Yoga, Dip Stein. Ed., Cert. IV in Training & Assessment,  Advanced Spine (Polestar), Rehabilitation (Polestar).


A Pilates Teacher Trainer, Anne has also written & delivered accredited Pilates Teacher Training coursework; certifying Pilates Instructors of the highest calibre in Pilates Matwork & Studio Reformer since 2006.

Anne enjoys writing for her blog: hosting her own Podcast Health & Wellbeing series, The Seedpod.

Available in Apple PodcastsAndroid, Spotify & Stitcher.                                                                                             


Anne is also the founder of ACE Health & Wellbeing at where she writes and delivers her own online coursework and training. Her flagship course Breathing Meditation Essentials is currently available to Mosman Pilates members only, and is tipped to be the #1 Online Meditation course in 2020.                                                                   

Have you ever wanted to learn to breath correctly, meditate, get to the source of your pain and underlying issues and resolve them? Then this course is for you!     



Breathe  Move  Change


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