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Mosman Pilates

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Mosman Pilates Online

Mosman Pilates is a virtual Pilates & Yoga studio based in Australia, streaming live and pre-recorded
Pilates and Yoga sessions worldwide. Anne Evans teaches her innovative ACE Method™ bringing her expertise to you in a unique, holistic approach to health & wellness.
Anne's ACE Method is the product of over 20 years of professional teaching and research in her Pilates & Yoga Studios. Anne's seminal thesis: 'The Intergration Of Structure & Balanced Function:
                                                            How Does Pilates Return the Human Body to Wholeness?',
complements Joseph H. Pilate's works, 'Your Health' and 'Return to Life Through Contrology'.
While investigating the Science behind the Pilates Method, Anne discovered the 'real' causes of pain and restrictions, and the transformative ACE Method was born; improving all Pilates, Yoga, Fitness regimes.



                                With mindfulness and spirit at the forefront of fitness and exercise, the universe is                                        reflected within the human body as proportion. 
                                "Balanced Proportion = Spirit made visible" Anne C. Evans





Anne guides you in finding mental clarity and emotional equilibrium; seamlessly integrating breathing, postural alignment, physical strength, balance and control, in concert with the geometric measures of physical proportion; self-checking and self-regulating your own body through the ACE Method.          

This Science and Art of correct breathing, posture, relaxation, and control, helps to identify and resolve underlying causes that feed ongoing physical restrictions; further integrating Mind, Body, Spirit.
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Live Streaming & Videos

Teaching & learning is streamed live to you in one-on-ones, duets, and group sessions; with a choice of pre-recorded videos, ebooks and publications (coming soon!) to meet your specific Pilates & Yoga needs. Use your phone, laptop, or iPad to join us on the floor, deck, grass, or sand, wherever you are!
With Anne as your teacher, breath and mindfulness coach, you can book a private, semi-private or group class when and where it suits you. Live classes and coaching sessions run a full hour, while pre-recorded videos, once released, will run from 10-minutes to 1-hour, depending on your available time and needs. 
The ACE Method™ empowers you to manifest your full potential; Physically, Mentally & Emotionally.

Breathe  Focus  Align  Manifest


Lisa Davies

Anne came highly recommended to me by our physiotherapist, as part of post-operative rehabilitation. Having worked with Anne over the past few years, I have discovered the power of restorative movement, recognising that you don’t have to punish yourself at the gym to optimise your fitness and health. Anne’s academic background and knowledge of physiology and the integration of body systems is exceptional.

Anne’s work far exceeds traditional Pilates practice, and I highly recommend it.


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Anne C. Evans

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